Free Virtual Desktop Use

Using a Free Virtual Desktop is surprisingly easy, once you get the hang of it. There is not much difference that using any other desktop, except maybe your primary desktop. There is not difference, as far as we can tell, between a Free Cloud Desktop and a Free Virtual Desktop. Most people have a number […]

How about Your Free Virtual Desktop Anywhere?

Corporate IT is concerned and often making the wrong choices to that end. The often start, understandably, from deny, deny, deny. It can’t infect your network if it can’t get to it. Unfortunately, employee productivity and satisfaction are kind of critical. Being told, sure you have to work from home and on vacation, but where […]

Thin Clients, Fat Pipes Herald Post-PC World

This is the first news article for our newly designed website. We will be bringing you much more about Virtual Desktops, especially the Free part, very soon. In the meantime, here is a great article in eWeek  from Cameron Sturdevant that shouts the message loud and clear. We love the title and the idea. Here is […]

Desktop Anywhere

Make sure you visit The Free Virtual (Cloud) Desktop will initially be delivered from there we expect. Likely we will eventually move this service offering fully to this site and get back to delivering Business Funded Solutions. We are very happy though to be delivering this free model to the user base at large. […]

Cloud Desktop or Virtual Desktop

This is a new version of an old argument. Cloud Desktops and Virtual Desktops are really the same thing. But a Free Virtual Destkop is definitely an improvement over a paid version.

Free Virtual Desktop

Get a Free Virtual Desktop! Cloud Computing Services, Products, Tools, Tips, Links and more. Desktop Anywhere is the home of the Free Virtual Desktop for personal use as well as the best in Cloud Services for Business. Sign up today! A Free Virtual Desktop is a great innovation whose time has finally come. Virtual Desktops have […]