Free Virtual Desktop Is Available Now

We have released our first publicly available version of the Free Virtual Desktop in Beta. Just click this link Free Virtual Desktop for more information and signup instructions. Whether you call if a Cloud Desktop or a Virtual Desktop, no matter. Our Free Desktop in the Cloud will bring you your stuff, device independent, oriented […]

What is a Virtual Desktop?

People often ask “what is a Virtual Desktop?” and “what is a Free Virtual Desktop?”. Let’s start with the Virtual Desktop question first. Virtual Desktops are also called Cloud Desktops or Remote Desktops too. For most people, that doesn’t help them understand the term any better, but it will once explained. A Virtual Desktop is […]

10 Predictions About Cloud Computing

Here is a great article with some predictions about Cloud Computing. While this doesn’t mention the Cloud Desktop or the Free Virtual Desktop, that is our current focus, not Geva Perry’s. The Cloud moves a bit like the wind if you will. Each discreet movement forward seems to effect the whole movement a bit as […]

Predictions and the Free Virtual Desktop

What will we have in the Cloud and when will we it? It tends to be harder to predict when something will happen than what will happen. ┬áThe farther out the idea, the more difficult it is. The closer the idea, the easier it is to predict. We predict that you will have one by […]

PC Huggers Need To Let Go Too

The term Server Hugger has been around a while and is on point. We once considered inventing a Placebo Server. This would be no more than a black box with a red light on it to let people see what was in the cloud. Now the PC Huggers need to let go too. This article […]