Best Free Virtual Desktop

At, we have been providing Virtual Desktops for years. Finally, Virtual Desktops, also known as Cloud Desktops, are catching on big time. Frankly, we think of them as one or more Cloud Desktop managed virtually mostly. The best thing about our Virtual Desktops is that they are Free. So, if you are out into the finally […]

Virtual Desktop Free

In using Free Virtual Desktop, the term Free is even better than usual. Its not just free, it’s Virtual Desktop Free. Free of charge is the software, cloud services and there is no hardware you need, so that is free. It is also Device free and worry free in a lot of ways. The encrypted […]

Free Virtual Desktop on AWS

The AWS Free Virtual Desktop, aka Desktop Anywhere, is really coming along. New signups every day and people fire it up and seem to really get a lot from it. Whether you want to understand some things Amazon Web Services can do or just have a Free Virtual Desktop built on the best of open […]

Our Newest Free Virtual Desktop

Version 2.12 of the Free Virtual Desktop is available now! Learn More about the Benefits or just click the graphic below to sign up now!

Free Cloud Desktop

Free Cloud Desktop is to Free Virtual Desktop what web is to Internet. They are big terms that mean a lot, but they kind of mean the same thing. While this site hails as Free Virtual Desktop, we are part of the Desktop Anywhere family of Cloud Solutions. We recently released our new version. You […]

How To Remote Desktop

How to Remote Desktop? Well, there is one way to get a Remote Desktop and you can get it Free. Whether you refer to such as a Remote Desktop, Virtual Desktop, or say, a Cloud Desktop they are really all the same. We just released a Free Virtual Desktop and users are really signing up […]

Free Virtual Desktop Is Available Now

We have released our first publicly available version of the Free Virtual Desktop in Beta. Just click this link Free Virtual Desktop for more information and signup instructions. Whether you call if a Cloud Desktop or a Virtual Desktop, no matter. Our Free Desktop in the Cloud will bring you your stuff, device independent, oriented […]

What is a Virtual Desktop?

People often ask “what is a Virtual Desktop?” and “what is a Free Virtual Desktop?”. Let’s start with the Virtual Desktop question first. Virtual Desktops are also called Cloud Desktops or Remote Desktops too. For most people, that doesn’t help them understand the term any better, but it will once explained. A Virtual Desktop is […]

Predictions and the Free Virtual Desktop

What will we have in the Cloud and when will we it? It tends to be harder to predict when something will happen than what will happen.  The farther out the idea, the more difficult it is. The closer the idea, the easier it is to predict. We predict that you will have one by […]

Free Virtual Desktop Use

Using a Free Virtual Desktop is surprisingly easy, once you get the hang of it. There is not much difference that using any other desktop, except maybe your primary desktop. There is not difference, as far as we can tell, between a Free Cloud Desktop and a Free Virtual Desktop. Most people have a number […]

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