Free Cloud Desktop

Free Cloud Desktop is a term that has been around for more than a decade. There is no difference we can tell between a Free Cloud Desktop and the virtual counterpart. With the advent of mobile technology and Apps for them, many people think the concept of a Cloud Desktop is old hat now. Actually, […]

Free Virtual Desktop for Linux

2016 might just be the year of Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Free Virtual Desktop Windows 7

We now offer the Free Virtual Desktop Windows 7 compatible here: We use the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RPD) and you can get to your own Free Virtual Desktop from you Windows Shortcut. Pretty Amazing Cloud Technology for Free!    

Our New and Very Much Improved Free Virtual Desktop now!

We Just Released Free Virtual Desktop 2.12 It’s like having a Browser, Cloud Storage and a Software Store on Steroids.  The new version of the Free Cloud Desktop version 2.12 includes: Install whatever Free Software you want from the Ubuntu Software Center Access your Free Cloud Desktop from just about any Windows, Apple, Android, Linux/Unix […]

Free Virtual Desktop For You

Get Yours Now! We have just released our Free Virtual Desktop in a limited release to those who want to sign up. Just click on the link to visit the Desktop Anywhere Page that provides signup instructions and details. Here is the link: Free Virtual Desktop Signup                

10 Predictions About Cloud Computing

Here is a great article with some predictions about Cloud Computing. While this doesn’t mention the Cloud Desktop or the Free Virtual Desktop, that is our current focus, not Geva Perry’s. The Cloud moves a bit like the wind if you will. Each discreet movement forward seems to effect the whole movement a bit as […]

PC Huggers Need To Let Go Too

The term Server Hugger has been around a while and is on point. We once considered inventing a Placebo Server. This would be no more than a black box with a red light on it to let people see what was in the cloud. Now the PC Huggers need to let go too. This article […]

How about Your Free Virtual Desktop Anywhere?

Corporate IT is concerned and often making the wrong choices to that end. The often start, understandably, from deny, deny, deny. It can’t infect your network if it can’t get to it. Unfortunately, employee productivity and satisfaction are kind of critical. Being told, sure you have to work from home and on vacation, but where […]

Thin Clients, Fat Pipes Herald Post-PC World

This is the first news article for our newly designed website. We will be bringing you much more about Virtual Desktops, especially the Free part, very soon. In the meantime, here is a great article in eWeek  from Cameron Sturdevant that shouts the message loud and clear. We love the title and the idea. Here is […]