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A Free Virtual Desktop is a great innovation whose time has finally come. Virtual Desktops have been around for a good long time. The Free part is new. And well worth the price of admission. Wait until you see what is here, NOW!

Here is a glimpse of what you can get today as FREE VIRTUAL DESKTOP that runs your Virtual Desktop through a browser on just about any computer, anywhere:

Free Virtual Desktop

Free Virtual Desktop from Desktop Anywhere

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To see what a Virtual Desktop is, see our Blog Post “What is a Virtual Desktop“. For those of you who already know, read on.

Our Free Virtual Desktop can run on almost any device. We can run from Windows, Apple and Unix based systems. As with any system, you have to have the right components, but we use the near ubiquitous and relatively unintrusive Sun Java 6 plug in that is installed on almost every machine out there.

We couple that Web access method with our favorite Open Source Ubuntu Linux Operating System, Gnome Desktop and our favorite Freemium Cloud Source Vendors. This brings a very reliable and robust Free Virtual Desktop to you, the user.

Also see our Free Virtual Desktop Page at Desktop Anywhere.

A Clloud Desktop that orients to you, as opposed to a piece of hardware is a bigger deal than most people realize. We have been hardware dependent since most of us started using the Internet.

Helping you get the most out the Cloud as we see it is our task here. Get your Free Virtual Desktop now. Just Click HERE!