How about Your Free Virtual Desktop Anywhere?

Corporate IT is concerned and often making the wrong choices to that end. The often start, understandably, from deny, deny, deny. It can’t infect your network if it can’t get to it. Unfortunately, employee productivity and satisfaction are kind of critical. Being told, sure you have to work from home and on vacation, but where you’re here, no personal stuff and here is what you have to use. IT is not very popular with anyone when taking this stance.

Above all employees need to be efficient and certainly there are times when bringing a device is the answer. When are people going to realize that the device itself is the problem. Why carry around a device to connect to a network that is connected to the Internet?

More on this in the blog side later. Virtual Desktops and The Cloud really bring the most cost effective answer to doing work in a viable way. And you can’t get much more cost effective than a Free Virtual Desktop.

Anyway, here is the article on the device based trend.

The Bring Your Own Device Trend


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