Predictions and the Free Virtual Desktop

What will we have in the Cloud and when will we it? It tends to be harder to predict when something will happen than what will happen.  The farther out the idea, the more difficult it is. The closer the idea, the easier it is to predict.

We predict that you will have one by the end of this month (December 2011). Let’s see how good our crystal ball is.

But we are really close now to a lot of things. I am struck by how much the Virtual Desktop is often forgotten when few really have adopted them near as much as they could. I am also struck by the lack of the inclusion of Free and Freemium in the discussion of such as this tends to be a pattern. Think of emails and online storage. We are getting really, really close to a Free Virtual Desktop at Desktop Anywhere. Like end of 2011 close.

Check in over this month and we hope to have our Public Beta Program in its initial form during this month and you can get your own Free Virtual Desktop.

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