What is a Virtual Desktop?

People often ask “what is a Virtual Desktop?” and “what is a Free Virtual Desktop?”. Let’s start with the Virtual Desktop question first.

Virtual Desktops are also called Cloud Desktops or Remote Desktops too. For most people, that doesn’t help them understand the term any better, but it will once explained.

A Virtual Desktop is typically thought of as a computer desktop displayed on a screen delivered by another PC, Server or Operating System.  A PC desktop in conventional terms usually refers to the desktop that is running off the OS on the PCs main hard drive. A Virtual Desktop runs from somewhere else.

The same is true for a Cloud Desktop or Remote Desktop. The Cloud Desktop tends to be running from a server instance in the Cloud somewhere. The Remote Desktop can be the same and also often refers to accessing a particular PC’s Desktop from another device on the network or Internet. So these terms can be the same or have slight variations depending on what you are actually talking about.

Free is also a term with a number of meanings. Something that is “Free” in the real world often implies a conditional price. Something might be Free if you buy something else, or the third one may be Free if you buy the first two at a regular prices and many other variations of Marketing attempts to separate money from your wallet. It still may be a good deal though, but Free, in the “real” world often is more of a promotion than something you actually just get for Free.

On the Web it can be much better. We have Free Dictionaries, Free Encyclopedias, Free Online Meetings (Join.me) is a great one), Free Ads, Free Email, etc. Some of these Free Services don’t even have advertising on them, though that is the rarer case. Still, often an outstanding value and who really looks at ads much.

And, then there is Freemium. You get some base product and you get it with no charge (and often no Credit Card required) up until a certain limit of storage, usage, time or many other freemuim models. Free and Freemium are sometimes incredible values to the user.

That is where FreeVirtualDesktop.com comes in. What is a Free Virtual Desktop? For us it is a Free Cloud Desktop Delivery model that allows the user to have an Internet Desktop available to them based on Free or Freemium vendor services for the storage, bandwidth and CPU combined with an Open Source Desktop and Software.

The Free Virtual Desktop is coming soon. We have already had our first phase of Beta Tests and expect to have a more general full first release by the end of 2011. Hopefully, we will make it. You can read more about “What is a Free Virtual Desktop” on FreeVirtualDesktop.com or read about Free Virtual Desktop or better yet Free Cloud Desktop at Desktop Anywhere.

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